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What We Do

What We Do

We make volunteering appealing and accessible.

Sign up, show up and give back.


Earth Angels

Connect volunteers with trusted organizations that fit their passion, skill set, and availability.


Inspire people to get involved with their community and equip them with the resources to start their own projects.


Brand our work to showcase its true beauty and the fulfillment it brings to those we work with and the community.

“Your work is to discover your world and then with all your heart give yourself to it.”


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The Angels

In 2011, Nina Smidt and Carla Houston met at a photo shoot and instantly bonded over environmental topics. Soon after, they began attending Model Environment meetings and volunteering together in the Los Angeles community. After learning about the environmental effects of boating at a volunteer certification event, they started the “Soak It Up!” campaign. In response to the success of their campaign and other projects, they decided to team up with long-time friend and fellow volunteer, Laura Leary, to begin an organization that brings a new energy to volunteering. The trio is now collectively focusing on getting their community involved in service, solutions and one another.

Nina Smidt


“Glorify who you are today, do not condemn who you were yesterday, and dream of who you can be tomorrow.” –Neale Donald Walsch

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Carla Houston


“It’s not where you take things from — it’s where you take them to” –Jean-Luc Godard

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Laura Leary


“To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.” ―Ralph Waldo Emerson

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Tricia Jo Hoffman

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Brooke Ritchie

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Krystina Holbrook


Saori Wall





Cabo Relief

Corazón de Vida Foundation

Corazón de Vida Foundation is an incredible organization provides shelter, food, utilities, medical attention and education to […]


heARTwork is an Earth Angels original program where we get together to make handmade heARTfelt birthday cards […]

Amanda Foundation

On the first Saturday of every month, we join them at their new-volunteer orientation, after which we can all walk their doggies and play with the kitties seven days a week, 365 days a year! Yay!

Children’s Hospital Los Angeles

Earth Angels is proud to work with the Childrens Hospital of Los Angeles. It is an honor to provide them with our most trusted volunteers.


Earth Angels is proud to support Dockwalkers, a program that is dedicated to educating boaters on clean environmental boating practices in the State of California. While volunteering as certified Dockwalkers Nina and Carla were inspired to take things a step further and start the “Soak It Up!” campaign.

Donation Drop Off

After the success of our initial Hurricane Sandy Donation Drive, where we collected over 700 pounds of warm clothing and donated items, of which 400 were sent directly to Sandy victims and the rest donated locally, we decided to keep DDO a seasonal program benefiting various causes and local trusted organizations.

Hashtag Lunchbag

Hashtag Lunchbag started in December of 2012 after a group of friends decided to come together and make bagged lunches and distribute them in LA’s downtown skid row. Since then, they have distributed thousands of lunches and provided volunteers with a fun and engaging atmosphere to connect and be of service together. On the last Sunday of every month we join our friends at Hashtag Lunch Bag to help pack over 1,000 lunches for the homeless

Holidays From the Heart

Earth Angels is proud to work with the Children's Hospital. From annual events to Holiday from the Heart, we are constantly working to provide them with our most trusted volunteers. Children’s Hospital Los Angeles is a non profit pediatric hospital which provides 104,000 children with pediatric health care each year. The hospital has been named the best Childrens Hospital on the West Coast and is among the top five in the nation for clinical excellence with it’s selection to the prestigious U.S. News & World Report Honor Roll.

Meals on Wheels West

Since we started, Earth Angels has been connecting volunteers to Meals on Wheels to help with meal […]

Model Environment

We are particularly proud to express our support for Model Environment, who helped give us our wings!

St. Anne’s

Earth Angels is proud to work with St. Anne’s on a variety of volunteer opportunities. From Reading with Angels to producing fashion shows to serving holiday dinners, we are always happy to support in whatever capacity we can.

Soak It Up

"Soak it Up!" is a campaign that was founded by Earth Angels' Nina Smidt and Carla Houston.


Earth Angels is proud to be a pillar of 'Trashformation' which was founded by our own Carla Houston and partner Model Envrionment in collaboration with Yoga Earth.

Tree People

Tree People is an environmental nonprofit that unites the power of trees, people and nature-based solutions to grow a sustainable future for Los Angeles. We love getting out in nature and helping Tree People plant trees and restore the Santa Monica Mountains.

Reading with Angels

Reading with Angels is an Earth Angels original program where we read books to the little ones over at St. Anne’s Early Learning Center every month. St. Anne’s serves some of the most abused, neglected and otherwise challenged young mothers and children in Los Angeles.

Special / Annual Events

As it is our mission to connect volunteers to local volunteer opportunities, we often participate in fundraisers and annual events with organizations that we trust and respect.


“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.” 

-Mahatma Gandhi


Check out our events calendar.




“The Earth Angels have truly lived up to their name and St. Anne’s is extremely grateful for the time and talent they’ve given so generously and the many ways they’ve helped us… We don’t know what we would do without them. Thank you kind, gracious and beautiful Earth Angels! You make the world a better place.”
Cathy Galarneau, Director of Donor Relations, St. Anne’s 
 “Earth Angels are truly that, EARTH ANGELS. Their involvement in critical causes inspires the community around them! They turn ‘making a difference’ into a fun and informative experience while shinning a light on effective ways to improve our environment.’’
Michelle Staffield, Water Quality Programs Manager, Santa Monica Bay Restoration Foundation
 “I thank you and your wonderful volunteers for all the kindness to our orphans and positive energy!’’
Teri Austin, President, The Amanda Foundation
 “Model Environment has been blessed to collaborate with Nina, Carla, and Laura on various projects. These women are authentic, kind-hearted, hard working and ready to make a huge positive impact on the world. We can’t wait to see how they shake things up and make life a little better. All the best to Earth Angels!’’
Christy Beck, Founder, Model Environment
“Passionate, organized and driven – working with Earth Angels has truly been a pleasure. This group is indeed making a very positive impact in the world!”
James Arthur Smith, Co-Founder, YogaEarth, LLC. 
“The Los Angeles community is already benefiting from the energy, passion and hard work of Earth Angels – and they are only just getting started to address a variety of critical social and environmental causes. I personally am delighted to collaborate with them, and encourage others to do the same.”
Colleen Callahan, Director of Programs and Research, Los Angeles Sustainability Collaborative; Deputy Director, UCLA Luskin Center for Innovation* 
“The people from Earth Angels are incredible! They really care about our All-girls choir, support us, even at the point of coming to our rehearsals, talking to the girls, taking pictures and posting them on our respective websites. During our concerts they take the time to bring people from their organization and support us by buying our CD’s and even helping us sell them! A million thanks to this organization of beautiful people.”
Jose Antonio, Harmonies Girls Choir 


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